Lou Brock Traded to Cardinals

June, 15, 1964

St. Louis Cardinals GET

The trade looked innocent enough at the time. The Cardinals would trade two past 20 game winners in Ernie Broglio and the aging Bobby Shantz to the Cubs. The Cubs were willing to part with Lou Brock who in 2 plus seasons had stolen only 50 bases and was hitting around the .300 mark. Both teams were hoping to become enriched by the trade. As it turned out, the Cards got a real steal and the Cubs may have gone down as executing the most lopsided trade in baseball history. 

Lou Brock, OF
Jack Spring, P
Paul Toth, P
Chicago Cubs GET
Ernie Broglio, P
Bobby Shantz, P
Doug Clemens, OF

Career info AFTER the trade

Lou Brock

2,289 Games - 2,713 Hits - 888 Stolen Bases - 6 time All Star - 1964 and 1967 World Series winner -  Hall of Fame.

Jack Spring

Never pitched for the Cardinals. In 1965 was 1-2 in 16 games pitched with the Indians. 

Paul Toth

Never pitched in the majors after the trade.

Ernie Broglio

Only 33 more starts,  7-19 record. Out of baseball after 1966 season.

Bobby Shantz

His arm has only 43 more innings left in it and along with it a 1-2 record. Footnote: Traded again later this season to the Phillies.

Doug Clemens

Plays 182 more games and compiles 731 at bats for the Cubs and Phillies.  Hits 9 Home runs in 359 games. Out of baseball after 1968 season.

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